2019 Workshop Speakers

The Pre-Flood World and the Crystalline Canopy – The result of 40 years of research on the Pre-Flood world.


Dr. Carl Baugh

Where Have All the Prophets Gone? Having courage to stay true to God’s Word in our preaching and teaching and in our churches even in light of the growing hostility toward Christianity. It is using Jeremiah as an example. It is intended to encourage faithful Christians to remain faithful.


Dr. Tom Cucuzza

Were You Pardoned or Put on Parole?


Dr. Doug Duffett

Seven Strong Exhortations for the Christian Leader (1 Thessalonians 5:16-22)


Pastor Percy Edmonds

The Stunning Combination of True Boldness and Humility: A look into the life of Abigail.


Lia Edmonds

Avoiding Moral Failure


Pastor Randy Ford

Amazing Grace – How Sweet the Sound!

1 Timothy 1:12-16


Pastor Sampson Green

Give Me One Good Reason Not to Quit! How to Keep Serving When You Don’t Feel Like It.


Dr. Ben Hammond 

The Unpardonable Sin


Dr. Rod Holler

When People Leave the Church


Pastor Tom Hunter

The Design and Destiny of Nations: Leadership – Nations and their governments are institutions designed by God to be servants of His will. The Scriptures define the parameters by which all national institutions are to operate and be measured. National destinies are determined by how well they adhere to these Biblical factors of nationhood. Presidents, Kings, and Prime Ministers are mandated to serve Jesus or bring dire consequences upon their respective countries.


The Design and Destiny of Nations: Law – Nations and their governments are institutions designed by God to be servants of His will. The Scriptures define the parameters by which all national institutions are to operate and be measured. National governance laws should always agree with both Scripture and Natural law. When they do comply, a harmonious destiny lies ahead, but if they do not then trouble ensues.


Dr. Doug Levesque

Amazing Grace in Overcoming Bitterness – Forgiveness: You Can Let God, You Must Let Go


Pastor Jim Mucerino

Music Paints Pictures – This message has been presented more than 1,500 times in conferences, churches, camps and schools. It is a hilarious approach to the touchy subject of music and entertainment. This identifies the real issue. Don’t miss this workshop…you will never forget what you see and hear.


How to Speak to Youth…and keep them away at the same time! Helpful ideas on how anyone can spice-up messages to young people and command their attention. Communication skills are learned. You will leave this workshop equipped with many ideas to think about and put into practice immediately.


Steve Pigott

Edifying One Another – The church is the body of Christ and is God’s instrument to change the world. God’s Word says that the gates of Hell will not prevail against the church. Unfortunately, some churches are weak, some are injured, and some are fractured. The Bible gives a number of things that we could do to help the church – to make an impact for the cause of Christ. 


12 Biblical Traits of Leadership – The world tries to tell Christians what leadership is all about. There are a multitude of books on leadership. Oftentimes, we hear about what a natural leader is. This workshop gives twelve traits of leadership that are clearly taken from the Word of God. 


Dr. Mark Rasmussen

Our Bible: What should we understand about the Old and New Testaments? – One of the early Church fathers introduced the terms Old Testament and New Testament into the vocabulary of the church. Are these terms correctly used? Are they used biblically? A biblical understanding will change your perspective on the one book God gave us, the Bible.


Ezekiel 36-39: The timing of Gog/Magog invasion in the light of the Abrahamic Covenant. – Does the Abrahamic Covenant have an impact on the timing of the Gog/Magog invasion of Ezekiel 38 and 39? Central to these four chapters, and our study, is the Abrahamic Covenant and our consideration of the timing of the invasion.


Pastor Mark Robinson

Leading Healthy Change

Building a Healthy Culture


Pastor Cary Schmidt

Linda Scudder

The Misplaced Effects of Christian Liberty!


Does John 1 Teach Lordship Salvation?


Dr. Phil Stringer

What About Steve Anderson?



Dr. Phil Stringer & Pastor Mark Julian

Cindy Stringer